Headache and Pain

Headache and Pain

For several years now Menarini has been actively engaged in the fight against painful symptomatologies by means of intense research and development of new active principles carried out by its researchers in the most advanced subject areas in Italy and abroad. The fruit of this activity is the presentation to the scientific world of innovative and biotechnologically-advanced molecules which have been synthetised thanks to sophisticated methods of molecular engineering and are able to offer an adequate response to the patient’s concrete needs.

Menarini offers the medical profession and the public a wide range of both ethical and OTC pharmaceutical products which are able to provide a host of different solutions for the treatment of various painful syndromes. In this field moreover Menarini promotes numerous clinical trials and keeps the doctor constantly updated by means of medico-scientific information and by supplying books and journals which are closely related to the specific topic. Readers can find below a brief glossary of the most-used medical terms in the field of pain therapy which will allow them to improve their day-to-day dialogue with their general practitioner.

What Are the Most Frequent Pains?

Among the most frequent situations of painful symptomatology are: toothache (odontalgia); headache, pains of muscular-skeletal origin (for example, wryneck); and pains related to the menstrual cycle (dysmenorrhoeic pains). There are more severe pains, associated for example with serious pathologies such as tumors. Pain negatively affects the quality of life of sufferers and therefore a rapid solution is necessary.

How Are They Cured?

In the battle of painful symptomatologies, Menarini’s commitment is focussed above all on intense research aimed at the discovery and development of new active principles. This research is performed in Menarini’s laboratories in Italy and abroad. Its main goal is to meet the needs of the patient in the best manner possible (for example with the development of drugs with a high rapidity of action). From this intense research activity a new pain-relieving drug was recently developed which will soon be present on all European markets.

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