"Women's health" is an area of great interest for Menarini. In the '80s, Menarini entered the gynaecological sector with a line of low-dosage oral contraceptives which guarantee high contraceptive efficacy plus safety of use. The availability of a "line" of contraceptives allows the doctor a choice of the most suitable pill on an individual basis, especially if benefits which go beyond contraception are sought (e.g. control of the menstrual cycle, treatment of acne and ovary disorders). Menarini's attention to healthcare in women also addresses the menopause and in particular osteoporosis, one of the more feared conditions of this time of life. Menarini has recently contributed to the prevention and treatment of this diffused, debilitating disease with an innovative drug belonging to the class of SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) which exerts beneficial effects on the bone and allows a reduction of the risk of osteoporotic fractures.

Oral contraception

The contraceptive pill is one of the most effective methods of controlling fertility. The reasons for its success are its high efficacy, its user-friendliness, the reversibility of its effect. "The pill" acts by rendering the ovary dormant, thus preventing ovulation. Most modern pills have a low hormone content and thus give a greater guarantee of safety. Other contraceptive methods exist, such as intrauterine devices called IUD, tube sterilisation (tube tying), other mechanical methods (diaphragm, male and female condom) and chemical methods (spermicides).

Menarini’s products for Gynecology