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11 mag 2017

Menarini joins in with fun and games in Florence


Menarini will be actively involved in the “Firenze dei bambini”, a weekend-long event held in the city featuring fun and educational activities for children.

The Company will once again demonstrate its socio-cultural commitment to the families of Florence where it has been based since 1915, and where it opened a nursery school, called Menarini Baby, in 2012. The nursery has up to 44 places which are mainly for the children of Menarini employees, but it’s also open to children from the Campo di Marte neighbourhood and further afield.

The “Firenze dei bambini” event, promoted by Florence City Council and organised by the Associazione Mus.e, will take place in various parts of the city.

 Menarini and Menarini Baby will set up their very own spaces so they can host the younger citizens of Florence in the picturesque and unique Palazzo Vecchio. The planned activities are as follows: “Build the city, paint the town”: rebuild Florence your way (location: Cortile della Dogana); “A toddler special: the nursery den”: A little “den” where you can listen to fairy tales and watch the stars, ideal for younger children (location: Teatrino delle Storie); “Courtyard fun”: visit the play-area and experience Palazzo Vecchio as if were your home (location: Cortile del Buontalenti).

“Menarini is enthusiastic about contributing to a weekend just for children”- declared Ennio Troiano, Corporate Human Resources Director of Menarini. “A weekend in which Florence will be entirely child-friendly and dedicated to games, entertainment and fun for our fellow “little” citizens; starting at Florence’s historic town hall, Palazzo Vecchio, in which our activities will be set up. Menarini has always paid special attention to children, especially those who live in poverty or difficult situations. We collaborate with the Volpi Rosse Menarini, Florence’s wheelchair basketball team for children with reduced mobility, and we support the Progetto PITA, a water therapy programme for children with autism. However, on this occasion, I’d also like to reflect upon how much we do to respond to the tragedy experienced by many children whose families are forced to leave their own home as a result of unemployment and therefore become homeless. For some time now, in order to help solve this problem, we have funded the restructuring of public housing owned by the local council, in order to offer a safe haven to homeless families. Finally, I’d like to bring to your attention another one of our projects aimed at the specialised training of doctors to prevent or rapidly diagnose violence against or abuse of children. The project will involve over 15,000 paediatricians across the whole of Italy. “Firenze dei bambini” is an unmissable opportunity for families to spend a weekend in the city with their children and we invite all families to take part in this event and visit our spaces at Palazzo Vecchio”.

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La qualità è il punto di partenza e di arrivo di un farmaco Menarini.